About Us

Hunter Creek Crafts

I started Hunter Creek Crafts for several reasons.  For as long as I can remember I've wanted to own my own business but most of my hobbies (skydiving, reef/tropical aquariums, dog agility) are not really suitable for an online store.  I learned to quill as a kid from my babysitter but lost interest as I became a teenager.  Throughout much of my adult life I have had hobbies that had a social aspect to them. When the pandemic hit, all of those came to a screeching halt. During that same time my full time job became quite stressful. We had multiple rounds of layoffs so I was on edge waiting to see if I would be included in the next round. I was lucky and remained in my position for the duration of the pandemic but I needed a way to relieve some of the stress. For some reason quilling popped up in my Facebook feed.

I decided to get back into quilling and bought a kit from Amazon.  I quickly used up the paper that was included in the kit so I looked online for a place to buy more paper.  I found a website that had paper from several different brands and liked that I could buy different papers from one website.  Recently that website owner retired so I decided that this might be the business that I've always wanted to own.

My goal is to provide the largest selection of papers from many different brands. As part of this goal, I have worked to group similar colors together and provided a way for you to filter based on color family.

As I have created my product listings I have noticed that the color swatches the suppliers provide are sometimes very different than the actual color of the paper. I have purchased a Nix Mini Color Sensor and plan to slowly go through every paper to get an accurate RGB color value and ensure that the color swatches match.  As I work through these I will add a watermark to the swatch to indicate that it has been verified.  I am also able to offer a Color Matching service to help you find a match if we do not carry a specific brand that you use.